Painting - Drywall repair/skim coating - Minor staining - Priming - Caulking - Sanding - Wallpaper removal

Residential Interior Painting Process


  • Daily updates provided on the project.
  • We frequently work in collaboration with interior designers and contractors.
  • Responsive team and teamwork!


  • Before starting a project, an area is carefully selected for us to put our tools, drop cloths, and paint, at the end of each day.
  • We place all furniture in the center of the room and cover to ensure protection.
  • All surfaces (floors, countertops, etc.) are protected, as well.

Preparation: (The key element of a quality paint project–we never cut corners!)

  • Holes are filled.
  • Caulking is done as needed.
  • Surfaces are prepped for adhesion of paint.
  • Surfaces are primed as needed.
  • Above and Beyond Painting has completed the training and is certified to perform testing of lead paint in homes older than 1978.


  • Estimates include professional opinion on paint finishes, such as sheen of product, due to natural sunlight etc.
  • We recommend top quality paint, which saves money in the long run.
  • Low and no-VOC options are available.
  • Generally two coats are applied for wash ability and longevity.

Clean Up:

  • At the end of each day, all tools, drop cloths, etc., will be moved to our selected work area.
  • We do a thorough clean up at the end of each day.
  • A thorough clean up is also done at the completion of each project.


  • We complete a final walk through, at the completion of each project.
  • All work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction, with a one year guarantee.

Other Interior Services

In addition to painting the walls and trim inside your home, we also refinish cabinets, banisters, and other accent pieces. We take the same approach to those individual items and accents as we do to the walls that house those pieces. Contact us today for more info on your next project.